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--Tuesday, May 4, 2004--04:22 a.m.
I guess I missed the one year aniversary of this page. Oh well. I haven't been doing much calc programming of late. As you can probably tell. I'm taking java classes though. Maybe I'll make some java games.

--Tuesday, December 2, 2003--06:00 p.m.
Yeah...so....SERIOUS lack of updates.... I know .... It's all my fault.... But for real, who am I appologizing to? You of course? And who are you? NO ONE! because no one will ever read this. I'm pretty sure at least. ANy way. Might as well put some content into this update.... Let's see... I haven't been working on much calc stuff much in a while. I have wanted to get back into it lately though. Who knows, maybe I'll actually complete something this time!

--Wednesday, May 21, 2003--04:54 p.m.
I'm working on custom robo. I tried the game today. I made some changes. It's working a bit better. I will upload the new version soon I guess. I need to add more weapons. I might add a 1 player mode, or i might just make a new game. When I make signifigant changes, I'll upload the new one. Yep.

--Monday, May 19, 2003--01:53 p.m.
my first game on ticalc.org is up now. I'm ranked 915 of the week! :) but you might not want to dl it until I get the full version up...

--Monday, March 24, 2003--01:28 p.m.
wolfenstien 3d loookss awweeesoomme. check it out at ticalc.org

--Thursday, March 13, 2003--06:50 p.m.
check out the message board...it's cool

--Thursday, March 13, 2003--12:43 p.m.
Gray-scale tetris will be soooo cool if someone actually makes it. wouldn't that be fabuloooos?!?1 :)

--Wednesday, March 12, 2003--05:20 p.m.
cool...it says 1 people have visited....I feel special...:)

--Wednesday, March 12, 2003--05:06 p.m.

--Wednesday, March 12, 2003--04:54 p.m.
yay it worked!!

--Wednesday, March 12, 2003--04:54 p.m.
this is a test. does this work? we shall see...